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Originally Posted by Shazanne View Post
My daughters dog developed what the vet said was MMM last August. But his symptoms were very different to your dogs in so far as both sides of his head caved in simultaneously, he had pain that prevented him opening his mouth, he lost weight alarmingly fast, his back from the hips down became very thin very rapidly, he could only walk a few steps before he'd fall over and finally his abdomen swelled up and his breathing became very laboured.
This all happened over the course of just two and a half weeks and, while everything possible was tried, it proved impossible to save him. He was only 9 years old and, prior to this, had been a very healthy and energetic dog.
The vet was so sure that he had MMM that he advised against an autopsy as my daughter and her husband were so distraught when they lost him. However, he did send a blood sample away for testing but the results were deemed inconclusive.
We will never know for sure what caused his issues but the decline was frighteningly rapid. One thing I remember from this awful couple of weeks was the vet saying that the only place to accurately test for MMM was in the States, but I don't recall where. He said that it takes a couple of weeks to get the results back but, by the time they did, it was too late to save our precious boy anyway, even though the results were inconclusive and probably wouldn't have helped.
I will always feel in my heart that there was more going on with him than the vets identified. I don't know if they could have saved him as he was deteriorating on a daily basis, but I can't help but feel that they latched on to MMM and didn't delve any further.
I pray all works out well for your guy. I feel that, if he showed symptoms two years ago but has remained stable until now, your chances of getting to the bottom of the cause of his current symptoms and getting the proper treatment are very good.
Best of luck to you.

I believe your daughter's dog did in fact have something other than MMM or a combination of MMM and something else. Since you said he lost weight very fast, it might have been something neurological that caused his muscles to deteriorate maybe?

I believe your vet should have looked at other possible causes because MMM only affects the facial muscle since they are made from different fibers than the body muscles on a dog.

I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter's dog. Its very scary to see your dog fall so ill and waste away so quickly. Its what i fear worst about my dog as well. He is only 7 i really really pray and hope he will make it to at least 10 years. I am just not ready to let go of him, he is a huge part of my life and my daily routine

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