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Originally Posted by pitgrrl View Post
I figured it was all good, I'm just wondering if say, tongue or brain, should be fed in as small amounts as liver or not.
That's kind of what I was getting at, too. Tongue, while considered an organ, seems more meaty to me, like actual muscle. And I have heard that brains are mostly fat.

I mentioned just found veal brain and tongue. Lamb organs I've never seen yet, porc liver I've seen on occasion, but I feel like there are more organs that I could be including, like pancreas maybe? Heart not from poultry? Just more of the insides I guess.
Really? Because all I ever see is pork brains. Never veal or beef. Beef heart is usually kind of easy to come by. Check your local yellow pages for butchers and meat processing places. And like I said, when spring rolls around, stop by your Farmer's Market and strike up a conversation with a local meat producer.
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