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In all fairness, when I first glanced at it, I thought you posted a recipe for one meal which I thought was way too much as well.

Now that it's been made clear, I too, feed small amounts of juiced veggies to our dogs (approx. 1 tbsp daily). I have yet to find documentation that states it will harm them in such amounts, rather it may provide some benefits.

To answer your original question, and as MerlinsHope already stated, organs/offal should make up about 10% of the meal, or recipe in this case. I use liver, kidney, green tripe, sweetbread, and in very minute amounts, brain. Not all at the same time obviously but I vary them throughout a period of two to three weeks.

If you can find a poultry distributor/store in your area, you can ask if they could grind up chicken necks with chicken meat for you. Again, approx. 10% bone:80% meat. This would make the meal preparations easier for you.
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