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Originally Posted by MerlinsHope View Post
Last I looked canis lupus familliaris was no where near the same species as iguana, so this is a poor comparison.
Way to miss the point. As a direct result of my work with iguanas and tortoises, I'm way more familiar with the nutritional breakdown of every type of green there is than your average person. And I'm telling you that the amount of oxalates in 2 leaves of kale, diluted by approximately 3 lbs of meat, and this mixture spread out into small increments to be fed over a period of six weeks (2 patties per week) won't kill any animal.

And I just did a cursory glance over some articles on oxalate poisoning in dogs, and whudoyaknow, a diet HIGH in oxalates must be fed before any effects can be seen, as the body converts the majority of oxalic acids into bicarbonate and formic acid. Also, the body will adapt to higher levels over time.

So my point stands: 2 leaves over 6 weeks will cause no damage whatsoever.
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