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2 leaves of kale
Please try to avoid giving your dog kale, spinich or any other strong greens. They are too high in oxylates and some, too high in Vitamin A for dogs. Foods high in h oxylates cause crystals in the bladder or serious issues with kidneys. These are not foods a dog would normally eat under any circumstances. If a dog was in renal failure, kale could actually kill it.

Unless your fruits are "juiced", so that the cellulose cap is broken open, the blueberries offer absolutely no nutritional value to your dog, (except unwanted sugars), so perhaps you could consider to take the same money and use it to purchase more meat? There is absolutely no nutritional calling for fruits or vegetables in a canine's diet, (just so you know). While yes, it's true we can process vegetable matter to extract nutrition in an attempt to heighten the overall value of a canine's diet, it's now quite un nessary to take that particular road. A good supply of meats/bone and offal will easily achieve the same thing.

If you are not sure, always stick with species appropriate foods, which primarily are whole meats or fish, (not ground by the way).
Your puppy has to masticate. It's an important health process. Ground meats rob your puppy of that opportunity.
The healthy ration is 80% whole meats-fish / 10% bone / 10% offal

Best of luck!

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