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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
I know you are having a problem with a dog, and not a cat, but I thought I would mention what helped our cat. We suspected he was allergic to chicken, but it was impossible to find a food without it, even fish brands had it as an ingredient. We put him on Natural Balance Pea and Salmon, grain free, and also had to put him on Amitriptlyne in case it was an OCD problem and not allergies. It took him several months, (and a leg amputation because he had done so much damage from licking,) but he no longer licks, chews, or scratches. I know they sell this food for dogs, maybe it would help you. I wish you luck, I know how frustrating it can be to figure out what the problem is
Funny you should mention the pea and salmon. When my puppy was first diagnosed we immediately switched everyone's diet in the house to avoid any cross contamination. We put the cat on the pea and salmon, Natural Balance also has some wet food that has no chicken, I think it was the beef one.
It was hard to find treats with no chicken, carrots, potatoes or soy. We make our own now.

As for the behavioral and not allergies approach, I really wish I could see an angle where that were possible. She doesn't lick or scratch (maybe scratch a bit if there is a flare up) In fact, she doesn't have behavioral issues, or anxiety. She was probably one of the few dogs that had no problem with the fireworks on Canada Day. Not that she gets to go outside for festivities anymore.

Your cat must have really had a drastic issue to result in amputation.
Allergies are NEVER one ingredient. Always a mix of environmental and food.

My late dog had anxiety. It turned into dementia when she was about 11.
She would do so much damage if left alone. And she would panic if we left her in a crate. She did lick and fuss over her paws if a thunder storm was coming, and other reasons, I don't know why she was like that.
She had some mild allergies too, probably chicken and seasonal. Nothing like what we deal with now. Maybe Amitriptlyne would have helped her.
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