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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
...why a 10 year dog would suddenly go after another dog with no history of aggression or previous signs of aggression.
Because this isn't a case of aggression imo. If the story was about a Golden Retriever killing a squirrel, would it make the news? How about a Labrador killing a bird? A cat killing a mouse? For all we know, the dog could have viewed the Shih Tzu as prey.

Not too long after we first adopted Lucky, I had taken him for a walk and, out of nowhere, a wee little black fluffball perhaps all of 5 lbs, came zooming up to us. No barking, not a sound came out of it. Lucky instantly grabbed it by the back of the neck and was about to shake when I screamed, "drop it!" Fortunately for us, he did and the little dog didn't seem hurt. He then sniffed the dog, wagged his tail, and gave it a play bow (owner of dog was shoveling his driveway and witnessed the entire incident). I'm sharing this to show that Lucky didn't even realize that this was another dog at first. He just acted instinctually. Perhaps the same could be said of the dog in the article.

What happened is tragic but, it boils down to the irresponsibility/ignorance of the humans involved. All dogs can kill, plain and simple, regardless of breed. I just wish everyone was aware of this and took steps to prevent such accidents.
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." -Will Durant
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