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The vet gave us caninsulin 10mg injection and we are to give 20 units in the morning before he eats. I will ask the vet about Previcox and how the tumor is affecting his liver. It was a different vet we saw that just started working there and I don't like her. When she called to tell us about the tumor her exact words were "Do you want to treat him, take him home and do nothing or euthanize". She was very cold. The first time I took him in new vet treated him for a gum infection and said that is the reason he wasn' t eating. I told her I noticed Duke's ears were yellow looking but said they were dirty but my regular vet looked at them and said it was sign of liver a problem. He did a blood test and took x-rays and found the problem. When I talked to the regular vet I told him I did not want to see her anymore he said next time I make an appointment ask for him only and he would try to be there. He also does farm animals and house calls so he is not there very often. I will check out the websites for recipes. The vet said we could feed whatever my husband eats because he is restricted too. Right now Duke is eating rice and chicken and loves it. He does get a couple baby carrots to chew on but doesn't like them mixed with his food. The vet said his heart is strong and for the time being just focus on getting the diabetes under control. After being told of the tumor my mind went blank and didn't know what questions to ask. It's so heartbreaking to hear. I want to keep him around as long as possible. I have tried warming up the ear but still nothing. I also tried the lip but he yelps so I won't do that again.
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