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I'm just trying to get the point across that in this case we have a type of aggression that is being exhibited and the owner clearly stated that he is aware that his dog "is scared of large dogs"

My only point is he should try to pretend his yorky is actually 100lbs in size and could cause something "negative" to happen. My "opinion" is he should only let the dog off leash when their is not a "large" dog in sight. Yes?/No?

This wasn't fair to the OP in this particular case. If some people want to think this is just dominance being portrayed from the Yorky, then the owner STILL needs to realize it's not the OP's dogs fault is he "dominates" back. So why gamble... ?

Off leash dog park participants should only let dogs with no issues run free - this dog has an issue.

Make sense?
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