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Breker - please watch the p's and q's with me being an owner of an 'aggressive' dog. I have a tempermental dog whom I REMOVE from situations that are disruptive or can initiate problems in these types of settings. You may or may not know this - I am very well versed when it comes to behaviours so let's get that straight.

Bendyfoot, my point is this: dogs that act inappropriately in this type of settings should be addressed. People with small dogs are more defensive about them (probably due to their size) and will not listen to those that have larger breeds - it seems to ALWAYS be the fault of the larger breed and not the smaller ones. It is not fair I understand.

What small dog owners do not seem to get is that their small dog's behaviour can spark negativity within a group of dogs and the small dog will get hurt - not the big dog.

When I had my large breeds I was very well aware that people do not take responsibility for their small dogs as they should. The solution was to remove mine in order to avoid any confrontation with a smaller breed which would LOOSE in a BIG way. Does any of this make any sense at all?

If you all read my comments properly, I am with the OP on this one.
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