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Yes small dogs usually get a pass and of course the giant breeds are the problem. BS I have lived through this with both of my mastiffs, and people would ask me to put a leash on them while they would do nothing to the small dogs and they would the ones acting aggressive. I would not. My favourite is the owners who think it is funny and cute when there dog challengened my almost 200 pound dogs. I would let them know it is not funny it could be deadly to there dogs if they do this with dogs who might take the challenge and they better get there dogs under control because not every dog is as nice as mine were.Bud and Boo. I still run in to it with Clark and he will take the challenge so I am constantly yelling at these people to put there dogs on leashes in the park which is not a leash free park. Because I do not thoroughly trust Clark we do not go to off leash parks and these people get pissed at me when all I am doing is protecting there dogs. Sorry that is my rant
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