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Originally Posted by brecker View Post
I'm so tired of the owners of small dogs who think they are harmless. That bloody Yorky shouldn't even have been allowed to be off it's leash!! Owners need to realize their dog is aggressive even if it is 2 lbs.
So are you saying that small dogs shouldn't be allowed the opportunity to socialize? Why should the "bloody" yorkie be left on its leash? Do tell!

Originally Posted by BenMax View Post

Little dogs do get away with much more than bigger breeds. I am absolutely guilty of this myself, but I will defend as to why.

Why you ask? They scurry like mice and you cannot touch, grip, to get them to focus. They know you are coming and they take refuge in areas you just cannot reach. They are difficult to train and I stand by this.
Yup, extremely hard to get hold of when they have the zoomies on full throttle.

Also, some people have the tendency to pick up the small dogs when they get into a jam so they never really learn proper doggy etiquette (not saying ppl shouldn't step in when needed, but I've seen people pick up their dogs at the very slightest "growl" regardless of the type of growl.
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