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Such an interesting thread and I can relate to this now in two parts.

Firstly, as everyone knows (the old timers anyways) I had a 130 lbs Rottie named Ben. At the dog park, people where always leary even though he was an ambassador Rottweiler. He never fought, never acted inappropriately, never engaged in normal doggie ruckas - just an all around good natured boy. But he was definately pegged.

Since Ben's passing ( my love), I have a min pin that weighs 5 lbs. I have had Julia since last June (foster failure). For the first time I brought her to the dog park because I need to exercise my foster pup and socialize her. I admit I was nervous only because my dog is very small and there could be an incident (but I had a plan of course).

Julia was better than I thought she would be. She is normally aggressive and has tried to attack (on leash) my neighbours pittie. So I am certain you can appreciate my reservations about the DP. Julia was respectful, however, if another dog was too obsessed with her, she would bounce forward with teeth bared. The other dogs backed off and she continued on her way.

The yorkie was exercising dominance however does rely on others including the master to control the environment. She should have been reprimanded by the owner to cease the behaviour.

Little dogs do get away with much more than bigger breeds. I am absolutely guilty of this myself, but I will defend as to why.

Why you ask? They scurry like mice and you cannot touch, grip, to get them to focus. They know you are coming and they take refuge in areas you just cannot reach. They are difficult to train and I stand by this.

As for the dog park, if there was access to another for big dogs only - I would have gone that route. Personally, I wish there were small dog parks due to having to deal with larger dogs wanting to dominate my little girl.

It goes both ways. Big, small, male or female. The solution is to either cease going to DP or finding one that you are comfortable with.
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