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Thanks! All three are doing very well these days.

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
the picture of Lucy hiding is pricless

and the bed picture is to cute. do they always sleep in their own spot??
If there is no one on/in the bed, Lucy tends to curl up in the corner she is in or she will move further up toward the pillows. As well, Gracie likes the corner she is in. Jack only heads to the bed when we tell him its either bedtime or nap time. Over night, Gracie will lay on top of Mrs. Dog Jack will push his big butt in between us. Lucy retires either to her crate or to the spare room

Originally Posted by allfurlove View Post
Ohhh I love the little guy in the window, thats funny!! Looks like he thinks he's a kitty Very cute pics
The window sill has always been Jack favourite spot. We have a two step stool in front of it that Monty used to sit on ... Jack figured out that it was a stair way to the window. It has been officially named "the barking stool".
Lucy - 9 yr old border(?) terrier mix
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Gracie - 7 yr old tuxedo kitty

Monty - RIP buddy

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