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I finally saw an episode this morning. It was with a family who had an obese beagle who was fed heaps of junk food all day, and got barely any exercise except from the dad and the son, the mother and the daughter, who were home all the time didn'twalk the dog at all and just fed it all day. Brad pretty much banned the dog from the kitchen (where the dog was being snuck her junk food) and got the whole family to participate in exercising the dog. He said something that I really appreciated "This dog didn't choose this family, they chose this dog, and now her life depends on them, so they have to give her what she needs" ( probably not exactly what he said, but pretty close). I've seen a lot of shows where people say that the family should just give up the dog, but he was getting them to give up other things, so they can keep the dog and give her what she needs. He was also very ademant that the dog only eat dog food, and no potato chips or other snack food.

As a side note, Brad feeds his dogs raw, and is also quite knowledgable about dog food. When I convinced my mom that her dog was eating crap, she told me that Brd had been telling her the same thing, and he guided her in choosing a new food (she wasn't and still isn't ready to feed raw) and guided her towards such foods as Evo and Timberwolf.
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