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I haven't heard of/read any accounts of actual side effects from using Fortekor, and since I didn't use this for Duffy it's all speculative.

Did you get the Flavor Tabs or the regular ones? I wonder if Sam just doesn't like the taste

At this point if he's never actual taken the pills he wouldn't know how he reacts to this med.

Duffy was on an antibiotic in both liquid and pill form, she would still willingly come to get the liquid though would not swallow all of it because it tasted awful, she knew the sound of the bottle shaking so she knew what it was/when she was getting it and when given the same antibiotic in pill form took it without issue.

Was his blood pressure checked while at the vet?

According to Novartis, makers of Fortekor: "Although not demonstrated in cats, benazepril may cause hyperkalemia in some human patients with chronic renal failure." Other potential side effects include slight increase in creatinine when first starting and in rare cases fatigue or dizzyness may occur ~ which could be a result of already low blood pressure becoming even lower due to the use of Fortekor.

It's also mostly (85%) cleared via the liver in cats so there is less strain on the kidneys at that end compared to some other ACE inhibitors.

Tanya's site has some good info here:

and the pdf package insert monograph for the Flavor Tabs and the pdf package insert monograph for the regular Fortekor
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