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Question Fortekor Can It Cause Side Effects or Problems For Cats

My 14 yr old cat, Sam has been prescribed Fortekor to aid in the treatment of his CRI/CRF and he spits it out every time I try to give it to him. Has anyone ever had their cat or dog have a reaction to Fortekor?

The reason I question if he knows he shouldn't take it is I give him other meds without any problem at all. In fact he comes to me for his Buscopan when he needs it to stop the abdominal spasms from struvite crystals that he has had for over 5 years. He seems to know when he needs it and when he doesn't.

Since Fortekor is an ACE inhibitor it is similar to medication given to humans and can have serious side effects in humans.

Thanks for any information anyone can give me
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