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Lethargic Cat, with Some Vomiting

Last weekend, my 1 year old cat George ate a piece of a rubber mat that we place his litter box on. He threw it up, and I could see bits of undigested rubber in the vomit. I had assumed that he had got it all up and would be OK (this was Friday night). On Saturday, he was very very lethargic and withdrawn, and would not eat his food. I was concerned because he is generally very sociable, and was spending time in strange areas where he does not normally go.

On Sunday, this continued, and we decided to take him to the vet. I was very disappointed with this pet hospital, as they seemed only concerned with making the final bill as large as possible. We agreed to an xray, which, according to the vet, "may or may not show a piece of the mat in his colon". They then recommended keeping him there overnight on fluids so they could monitor him, which costs about 3 years salary. I took George home with me and was no further ahead.

Monday comes around and he's finally feeling better, eating some food and tuna water as we try to feed it to him every couple of hours. For the rest of the week, he is fine, acting and eating normally.

Now fast forward to this weekend, and he is acting strangely and won't eat. He is not as lethargic as the weekend before, but he threw up on Sunday, and again last night. It is just pure liquid, with no chunks in it. He had not eaten anything strange this time.

Now I realize that the title of the forum says "If your pet is vomiting, vet time!", but based on my recent experience (and vet bill!) I'm reluctant to bring him back. When we first got him back in September, we took him in for a checkup, and he had a digestive issue that was remedied by medication. 2 months ago at the recommendation of the forum we switched our two cats (brothers) over to Wellness. This has gone exceptionally well, but recent events are definitely causing concern, especially in light of the fact that this has occurred two weekends in a row.

Do you have any advice for me before I rush off to the vet again?
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