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Welcome to the forum Bentham;

I don't have any experience with dogs and dog parks but what you are explaining sounds like "dirty pool".

This is a city property designated for the convenience of people and their dogs and the size of the dogs should not rule the park.

If the people who are using it with their large dogs and have no control over the animals, then they really shouldn't be in there, without having their dogs under restraint, regardless of what the size other dogs are.

I think if I were in your position I would be talking to the SPCA to get some ideas about what should be done. Or even a vet's office might be able to help you. You cannot be the only person who has a small dog and is facing this type of harassment.

If you proceed with any actions, we would be interesting in hearing what the outcome is, so keep us posted.

Perhaps splitting the park in order to accommodate smaller dogs might solve the would be an idea to pass on to somebody.
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