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There are products that will remove the pee smell from the floor and rugs , you have to get rid of the smell otherwise your puppy will think it's okay to keep peeing on the same spots . You could try teaching your puppy to ring bell when it needs to go out . The bell should be tried the door you use to take your puppy out . Pet stores sell bells for this reason . I take my dog water bowl up about a hour before going to bed and take him once before going to sleep . Have you tried staying outside 10 minutes and see if she'll pee outside , some dogs can be very picky about where they pee . My dog has to find the perfect spot,
he'll sniff at one spot for a few second and I am thinking he going to pee when he lift his leg then Marty will put his leg back down and decide he doesn't like the spot after all ! Then we have to go through the same all over again and sometime 3 times !
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