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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
growler can you please tell me how large the Azodyl capsules are? I am wondering if I could pill him with them since this supplement the vet gave me is next to useless as a probiotic.
I honestly had no issues pilling the Azodyl, and at that time there was only the 1 larger size available. Despite how small a cat's mouth seems to be, they can get that size capsule down without issue. You can always slather the capsule in a bit of butter to make it slippery going down.

I know it's recommended not to open the Azodyl but some people do & mix it with a small bit of food or butter etc to make sure the cat gets all of it, then feed regular meal later, according to Tanya's site those that do are still having success with the intended outcome of the product.
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