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Thanks Barkingdog and Pattymac I appreciate your response. BD the reason canned food is so important to Sam is because it has more water than kibble so that's why I didn't understand why she wanted him on kibble. I usually add extra water to his canned food and he does drink a fair amount of water.

Patty one of my other cats Smokey, has an ongoing problem with vomiting up his food. I have found that he tolerates Chicken as long as it's grain free and beef grain free and always starts to gain weight again(he had lost a lot of weight when he started this food intolerance a couple of years ago) I've had a hard time getting him to eat what he can tolerate because he likes variety in his diet. He is also a junk food addict and cleans off any human plates that are left out of the dishwasher by mistake. He's forever trying to steal human food too so it's an uphill battle. I tried the prescription sensitive with him while my old vet was still around but he refused to touch it.

Sam on the other hand will eat anything in the way of cat food dry or canned. He was on RC SO for the crystals for ages until they finally cleared up, but it took some doing to get him to eat it at first and he wouldn't eat the canned, just the kibble. I finally stopped it when he was diagnosed with crf because it is not good for crf cats because the protein and phosphorus levels are too high in SO.

I agree with you about him being 17 and happy. I guess I am just trying to decide what I plan to do with him. I know when I get a copy of his full blood work I'll know better what I want to do. I was an RN and can definitely understand the blood test results but have to use the information I've found where the values relate to cats, not people. That`s the main reason I asked what people thought about his BUN & Creatinine results.. how much worse are his kidneys in the space of time.

The major thing I see with him is the fact he`s pulling the fur out of his entire belly area right after he eats. I see no other signs that his ckd is any worse, despite the increase in his BUN now. Other than that he has had no changes in behaviour at all.
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