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Thanks for the reply! I'll see what the vet says as I was able to move her appointment to today. I've tried to get her to switch to wet food as the vet says that's better for her IBD but she won't even go near it, even after hours. All I could wait is 8 hours then I had to put dry food out because I was scared of liver damage. The problem is she's VERY picky about her food and she won't eat food if I try to put her on scheduled meals. She's always had food out for her so it's hard to switch. I tried a couple times to switch to meal times since my younger cat eats all the time and is getting a bit overweight. Not really sure what to do at this point because the older one is set in her ways, she's been eating like this for 15 years.

Also funny you mention that site as that's the site that I read about switching food to meal times for my overweight kitty. The cage method won't work as the older one is 'bigger' than the younger one, so the younger one would still go in and eat all the food. I've tried putting the younger one in one room with food and leaving the older one out, and vice versa, it never worked as my older cat still wouldn't touch the food no matter how long she was left with it. She has quite a personality on her, and it's as if she knows what I'm trying to do and she's saying 'no, that's not going to work'.

What sort of foods would you recommend that I could purchase knowing my cat has IBD? I know the catinfo site says to make your own, and call me a bad pet owner but I just don't have the time or patience for that. My vet said the Fibre Response is good for her IBD but also safe for my younger cat to eat as I mentioned the younger one will just eat anything that's out.

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