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Beginner questions- mixing kibble and RAW

I just adopted a male pointer dog who they estimate being 2 years old. He is an amazing dog and we are crazy about him. I was given a bag Purina dog chow which I know is not the best option at all for him at all. I want what is best for his and I read about making his food in a book and really loved the idea.

The book I read mentioned that you can do both raw food and kibble mix. I would buy a much higher quality kibble of course but I want to make sure that mixing the two is an option.

I also read that you can do a mix of grain (brown rice or oatmeal), veggies (such as shredded carrots), and of course meat. Is this right or should I focus on the meat and leave out the veggies and grain. I read somewhere else it should be meat only though. Tips? I also read tha scramble eggs are a good choice? This is so new to me.

And last question how do I safely transfer him from the current kibble to a more nutrient filled diet?
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