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Roo hasn't finished teething, so he is still in the biting, snapping puppy stage. I wish people at Obedience knew this breed well because this behaviour is pretty normal, and pretty harmless also. One lady with a younger puppy, terrier type, didn't want Roo to socialise with her at Obedience because she wanted hers to behave. I explained that they are still puppies, baby puppies if you use the show term for them, and that this is what pups do, they play. Roo was only playfully flirting, prancing at it with tail high, unlike what he does with Jarrah at home. I felt she wanted to wish away her pup's puppyhood, while I encourage Roo's antics. They're like children, only young once.
Anyway, he started off badly, car sick and actually vomited this time. Then he started seeing axe murderers everywhere. The little girl who sat so very still watching her mother in our class - she got a blood curdling "Roo roo roo" sort of bark, hackles up. The blue foam ball that blew and rolled accross the area we were working on was highly suspect he thought , then that Sibe was late for class and the minute it dared to join us he decided it must be killed. By the time we finished and grouped together to try putting the dogs through an agility tunnel, he was stressing and actually drooling slightly, like when he is car sick, and no way known would he do the (short) tunnel. The rest, except for one, did the long tunnel as well . What a disgrace young Roo was, a wimp. I'm beginning to think he shouldn't be handled by the instructor as the demo dog, that he mightn't have enough confidence for that. Opinions welcome. He has all the confidence in the world at home but seems to be losing it at training.
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