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This from one site I just looked at .....
If the dog swallows a few seeds, the body will detoxify itself. Actually, the dog must ingest large quantities of apple seeds to do major damage. Also, the cyanide is within the seed covering, and if the covering isnít broken, it will pass through the dogís system intact. Sort of a no harm, no foul situation.

They've eaten half a tree full without any signs of ill health but regardless, thanks for the warning and I will core their apples.

Roo was travel sick again, poor baby. Just got the drools on the way to and from Obedience. He went well today though, so well he kept being used as the demo dog for the class. Now, I could be miffed at my dog being taken off me but he looked as if he really liked the instructor, so I turned it around and asked would she handle him at our local shows for me. There is nothing like having a tall, blonde, young athletic type show your dog to the judges.
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