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Originally Posted by MiniTiga View Post
(I contacted AAFCO in a quest to find out what daily nutritional requirements are for healthy felines and a volunteer rep replied with a convoluted response, referring me to the National Research Council (NRC). I've asked numerous vets, as well, and they don't have figures or numbers.

Originally Posted by MiniTiga View Post
I wondered why supplementing additional calcium to high phosphorus meals wouldn't be as good or better than using a phosphorous binder with calcium, as my vet suggested
If you use a calcuim based phos binder you are actually adding more calcuim to the food while removing the phosphorus from it. Using an aluminum based binder doesn't tip the scales that badly, plus the aluminum ones are apparently more effective.

I used human grade ground raw chicken from the butcher & added Feline Futures Instincts Plus Chicken Liver. (Different from the formula scm posted) They do have a receipe on the site for kidney cats but it's a reduced protein & replaces some of the meat with squash/yams but I just used the regular receipe. As far as diabetes is concerned:

Our raw diet premix and the resulting diet is void of carbohydrates and only contains traces of glycogen from the liver in the formula
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