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OK - that's a launch pad.

She doesn't always lick her bowl clean, so my objective was to find enticing home-made treats in between commercial canned food. I can't possibly cook each meal -- especially not with the limited info available. (I contacted AAFCO in a quest to find out what daily nutritional requirements are for healthy felines and a volunteer rep replied with a convoluted response, referring me to the National Research Council (NRC). I've asked numerous vets, as well, and they don't have figures or numbers. I don't think anyone can duplicate the diet intended by nature -- which made the feline a predatory hunter of healthy prey, blood, guts and -- LIVE ENERGY.

When reflecting on calchos issues relevant to kidneys, I wondered why supplementing additional calcium to high phosphorus meals wouldn't be as good or better than using a phosphorous binder with calcium, as my vet suggested. So, now, I see how egg shells can be used in a home-made treat.

(An aside, as far as you know, calcium sulfate doesn't supply usable calcium, does it? It's the #1 ingredient in her enzyme powder mix.)

I like the way she chose the bigger pieces of cooked meat over the tiny pieces I diced. It's in the least, a minimal source of natural iron, protein and vitamin A, even if it falls short of ideal. And ultmately, it introduces her to the concept of chewing a different type of texture. She has only known kibble crunch before her wet food transition.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a financial position to contact any other vets for consultations or to do an all raw diet. I could most likely swing occassional commercial raw meals, like the one you suggested.

Meanwhile, was hoping for some kind of tried and true recipe to fit her health condition.

Like (making it up) tiny meatballs made of:
Chicken thighs
Olive oil
Tomato sauce
Parmesan cheese
Egg shells --

Arent' tomatoes toxic to cats? I didn't read that until years after realizing my cat would secretly hunt my emptied bowl of pasta -- which would always have lingering garlic tomato sauce to lick up. Garlic is toxic, too, they say, but I read so many cat recipes that include them.

Thanks, as always, Sugarcatmom!
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