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Home Made Food for Kitty - Diabetic & Renal Friendly

Many of recipes I see on-line and in this forum sound great, but:

1) I am uncomfortable with some of the ingredients (and some posters here have expressed similar concerns, i.e., with carbs)

2) I don't know how to best prepare meals for both diabetic and kidney issues.

Plain boiled chicken and liver works for my feline's palette. (Tried it for the first time this week.) Why add rice? Which veggies are good for diabetic/renal cats?

Otherwise, I found interesting recipes at these sites, but not confident that they are diabetic and renal friendly.

Anyone have input on this? I am not "ready" to go raw.

Diabetics can use a high protein/low carb diet, but too much phosphorous is detrimental to compromised kidneys.

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