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What I do with my resident dog.
- Kitten - claws cut short
- Dog - collar and leash on

Some people keep them separate, behind closed doors even, while they learn there is another animal in the house. Then let them see each other, still safely separated.

Introduce both parties with the dog firmly under control, since the dog is the one who can do the most damage. Make sure the kitten has an escape route to a safe place. I put gates with a cat size hole on my kitchen doors.

Supervise all meetings, you might have to do that for a year. In my experience kittens love dogs so the dog might be in for some loving/playing/beating up.

I don't know how much difference it makes but I make sure to greet, pet, feed first the one who was here first. I think this works best for cat on cat and in your case it might be the kitten, who lives there, who needs to be first.

I have had a jealous dog but most dogs seem to accept whoever, people or animal, you say is allowed in your house. Still, watch them.
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