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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
Kathryn if you actually spoke to French chic you'll get even more stressed with her name..

my real name has been posted on here several times,,usually by Chico2 or LP,,it's also on the fb silly girl. And you wont be the first to still call me Aslan to my face happens all the time.
Oh, and from looking at our FB page I posted on that thread too, right above you I forgot about that.

Do I have to say Frenchys name is a French accent? Oui Oui!! I was actually pretty good with french for a while. For some brilliant reason my school district had us take French throughout grade school.. not spanish or anything we'd actually have a use for

ETA: aslan, yeah at first I thought you were a dude. My bad! but i figured that one out on my own that you weren't
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