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Thank u Hazel and Marko for your reply.
Tea acts normally, she eats and wants to go out normally. I agree it seems like a bite, but it's been 4 weeks now having this problem and it's very strange. (Could a bite or its effects last so much?). I've put clorexidine gel on her lip for 4 days 'till now.

I've also thought she has a spike or something else in her lips provoking this swelling, vet say nothing about this.

She suffered from dermatitis in the past, (because of flea bite I suppose) but I don't know now if it depends on food (hepatic) or something else. She has eaten hepatic food since a year now (I attach today's pic)

I continue to see a sort of blister on her lip, it breaks sometimes and there's just a little blood coming out, but it happens rarely. The sore and the swollen area are still there.
Next check is in a week.. I'll keep you updated
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