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Something you might want to check with your vet when you are talking to her.
If the throw ups are actually regurgitation rather than hairball. I have had quite a time in the past with regurge throw ups anywhere from a matter of a few minutes up to four hours or better.

I found that after feeding BB our cat, if I picked her up and placed her on my chest and walked around the kitchen that the likelihood of a throw up was pretty well eliminated. Something else that I found that also helped, was elevating the dish 2 to 4 inches, due to the fact that she preferred to stand to eat rather than squat. This causes the food to go down the Esophagus to the Trachea where there is like a valve to stop the food from going into the lungs. Then it goes on towards the stomach. If she's eating too fast, this blockage occurs and then you have the regurge.

In regards to a good pre and probiotics, I stumbled across Adored Beast Apothecary digestive enzymes. I started using this last fall with all three of our cats and been quite pleased with the results. It took a little time to get started.

The digestive enzymes are made from the Larch tree which is designed for dogs and cats.

I think you might be wise to have a look into it. Their web site is they are located on the east coast of Canada in New Brunswick.

Hope this sort of helps. Since Hazel didn't ask for photos, I'll ask in her place. LOL

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