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A few days ago I was faced with the hardest and painful choice I have ever had to make ..

My beloved Blau had to be put down . His kidneys completely failed . He was 13 years old . I remember him when he was kitten , he was more then a handful (Siamese seal point ) . He was the runt of the litter and only 6 weeks old when his mother passed . He was in need of a home . We went on my adventures together and a few of his own . He was kitty nap at one time , but I was able to get him back . He never left my side even when I was really down he would show even more affection . He loved being out doors playing in the back yard or doing his favorite laying in the sun with biggest smile I have ever seen soaking up the sun rays . I was amazed how fast he too took to a harness and leash and love going for walks never leaving my side . A lot of weird looks from folks . Not something seen very often .

Blau was more then just part of the family he was my soulmate . Being single I spent my time with him rather then people and the bond we developed was unbreakable . He didn't not like other cats , but like playing with dogs and an excellent messzer ! He also understood German which surprised me . I miss our conversations and arguments which he would win in the end . It will take me some time to finally let go and I'm honored that he was an important part of my life and we will be together again at Rainbow Bridge.
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