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Hi rjesak ! Wow, another o̶l̶d̶ seasoned member !

I just now saw your thread.

First, yes, pancreatitis is painful for cats too. Buprenorphine would be my choice of pain control as it's the safest and an extremely effective pain med for cats. (That said, I'm also giving you a lead to some experts, so I would be guided by their advice.) (I also have to say that I found it strange that she - the Vet - didn't even mention this...)

There's a specialized online community of people who are managing their kitties' pancreatitis. They've been on the go for 11 years - in my experience, these groups offer the best advice and support and they're in-the-know about the latest in treatment protocols, drug trials and the like. You'll find these folks here:

These groups use email as their 'operating platform' ('old school'). So, my advice (from personal experience) is to get yourself a new, separate email account (Yahoo works well) that you dedicate to the group. This will make your keeping track of the back-and-forth messages much easier.

Yes, the diet too is an important issue from my understanding - like you, I have a certain aversion for most things "prescription" when it relates to feline nutrition (while acknowledging that a few of them have a place in the temporary stabilizing of some cats' conditions). I'm sure that the collective experience in that group will have other food options and probably recommendations.

Anyways, I hope this may help. Managing a cat's chronic health issue can be draining on us and, there's the potential for poor decision-making without the support of other wise detached 'ears'.

I'm also going to drop you a message.
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