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MaxaLisa - thank you very much for your helpful reply.
I live in Calgary and there is ONE certified dermatologist available in the city with a six month waiting list to see her!! My girl is 12 + years old - I hate seeing her golden years marred by this skin condition. It breaks my heart to think I have to wait six months to have her assessed. I would take her anywhere within driving distance to have her checked, but it appears that dermatologists are few and far between within a 6 - 8 hour drive from here.
I will check out that shampoo. It has been suggested that she go on thyroid medication as her readings are in the low and low/normal range. However my vets swings back and forth on this as he says that, if she take the medication for a prolonged time, her own thyroid will stop working completely and she will require the medication for life.
But, if I felt it would help her, I am inclined to think it may be worth trying as she is over 12 years old and these years are precious to both her and to me.
I know nothing about the use of zinc or biotin - are they given as supplements or as prescribed medication? Or is there a food that contains good levels of both?
Can I ask what you feed your dog - I am a firm believer in nutrition being of paramount importance but, equally, I am aware that certain types of food are better in certain circumstances.
Thank you again.
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