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Thanks Sugarcatmom. Maybe I will try a can or two, the only thing is they have no beef flavour and that is what Phoebe likes to eat. I also noticed that they have fish in each kind and neither of mine are all that crazy for fish, unless it is a can of real tuna.

Amos gobbled down the Homestyle last night, I bummed because it wasn't a pate and didn't think they would eat it. Usually the kind with chunks and gravy the only thing that gets eaten is the gravy. Bee didn't touch it, she ended up stealing a chunk of pork chop from the dogs dish.

That store only carries Merrick ( which didn't fly with my two), Evolve, Praire Homestlye and Nature's Variety ( that one they are charging 4.09 a small can, just a little pricey for me especially when most of the flavours get a snub). I tried the Go!Natural from another pet store, but they only had two flavours and neither one would eat it.

And thanks Kathryn for the info too!
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