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Evolve wet cat food

I need some imput because I am a cat food idiot.......trying to learn better.

I had changed my two over to Precise wet food, and they both loved it. I was having good results with it, plus both of the cats would eat it. So I went to the pet store today and they informed me that the distrubtor was no longer dealing with them and they were the only place I could find that carried this brand.

So the lady said that Evolve was a new brand they were selling, and it was close to the Precise. Personally I ewwed a bit because fruits and veggies were right up in the first ingrediants. Don't know why so much fruit and veggies need to be in a cat's diet.....but I could be wrong. Like I said, not an expert in this.

So have anyone heard of this kind? Is it a good food to try? I am dreading going through food change again. Here's the link, there were a couple ingrediants I have never heard of before

I ended up bringing home three kinds of Prarie Homestyle to try. Fruits and veggies were on the bottom of ingrediants. I know my two aren't that keen to blueberries and peas floating in their wet food.

Thanks for any input...I am learning slowly but surely
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