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gfrair, I have a 12 year old spayed Sheltie with blood in her urine and the 3 things we are thinking is cystitis, bladder stones or a bladder tumour. I was told some dogs need to be on antibiotics for as long as 4 weeks for cystitis but because we are seeing not a lot of improvement, after 10 days on Noroclav and 5 days on Cephalexin, I am having her x rayed this afternoon. I just want to rule out stones(hopefully). If we don't see anything on the x rays and the antibiotics don't help, my next step is an ultrasound. If she still had signs of infection though I might let them get a sterile sample of urine via a needle into her bladder, for testing. I can understand how worried you are, believe me. I hope we can both find answers fast for our girls.
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