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Lightbulb Here's a idea.

Birthday Cake for a Cat

* 1 packet jelly/paste cat food
* 1/2 can wet cat food (e.g. Almo Nature Salmon)
* few pieces of dry cat food/dry treats

1. Empty out the tin of wet cat food into a separate bowl.
2. Open the packet of jelly/paste cat food and pour it into the tin. Press the jelly down gently and firmly so it takes the shape of the can, then un-mould onto the serving dish.
3. Scoop half (or more) of the wet cat food on top of the molded jelly.
4. Decorate with a ring of dry cat food/treats. You can also spell out the initial of your cat's name on top (e.g. like the "S" in the photo).

I used a jelly type food for the base of the cake, but if you’re normal wet cat food can pop out of the tin without breaking up, then you don't have to use the jelly/paste as well. It's nice to have different flavors in the cake all at the same time, though!
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