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I made these last week, using two cans of chicken meat. 120 grams each? Not sure, threw the labels out but tins of same size tuna are 120 g.

Found the recipe to be fiddly what with the pureeing and all. And you lose a bit with it sticking to the blender and inside the bag. Plus I have never piped anything so my first lines were pretty squiggly. I had decided I would not make them again, especially after so much stuck to my so-called non-stick pans.

But everyone loves them, even all three cats. They smell good even after baking. Cats did prefer the raw batter. I piped 1/4 and 1/2 inch lines and will do only 1/4 inch lines next time as the stuff puffs up a bit with baking. I only baked for ten minutes.
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