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Confused about what to feed

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to decide what to feed an very active 20 lb. 5 year old male and a 12 week old Shih Tzu. We lost our little guy 2 months ago (thank you Menu Foods) and I am very gun-shy about processed foods, but we don't have the time to make our own so I'm trying to settle on a good kibble. We started with Iams, then were told to try Performatrin Ultra (Salmon). My daughter's vet told her the Performatrin causes kidney stones in small dogs so she wants my advice.

I looked into Canidae (as it seems to be recommended here) and it seems to have less meat protein than the Ultra.

I'm trying to follow what is being discussed here, but I have to resort to some direct questions:

Is the Performatrin Ultra (Salmon) any good? Is Canidae better? (It's cheaper)

Thanks for any suggestions,

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