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Soup that cleans.

soup remedy that helped kidney process the toxins out of the body.


-3 whole unpeeled carrots, cut into desired eatting size.

- 1/2 Dicon

-Find some Dicon leaves. (hard to find cause they usually cut them off at the grocery store. Check the farm market if you can't find it.)

-1 Gobo root unpeeled, cut to desired size.

Wash all, cut 3 carrots first, feel the weight to it. Next weight it to the 1/2 Dicon and Dicon leaves and Gobo. All should be the same consistant weight comparison.

Put them into 1 bowl. Use 1:3 ratio for water. Therefore 1 bowl size ingredient, add 3 of the same bowl of water into a "Glass Bowl only". Wait for the water to boil and add all the ingedients. Once it boils again turn the heat down to medium. Boil for 1 hour.
Do not lift up the lid for any reason until 1 hour past.

Let to cool down and drink the soup. It's suppose to be bland, do not add any seasoning to it.

Drink it yourself and give it to your pet.
It worked for my sick baby and I myself.

Just like soup except without the finner stuff.
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