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Sorry it's taken so long to get back here. The raw food diet turned and went for the worse.Beef liver...doesnt go well.The raw chicken made her turn her nose up after a while.So unfortunatly she's on cooked chicken.Her ears have not changed at all even diong this diet along with the blue ear powder treatment.
We also tried her on allergy medicine for a few weeks with no change at all.
Actually she started chewing her feet again.
So , she goes in this friday for her ear swab, and all her shots.It's been 2 years since she got her vacine shots last.The vet let it slip one day that rabies shots are good for 3 we let it slip also.I was curious to see if the shots were also causing the problems.
What I need to know is where and what should I get to add to her food.I was told enzimes and kelp and all this other vitamins and stuff.The only place I have seen it is at petsmart and it's 40 for 30 pills giving them 3 a day.
Thats too much.
Also found this interesting read today....theres alot to read....but it just goes to show the junk dry dog food really is.It disgusts me.'s%20Really%20in%20Pet%20Food
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