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Hi eveyone!

This discussion is so interesting, I feel like a kid at christmas! I do have a passion for dog nutrition and it is great to read you all! I'll know where to go when I have problems with my girls, lots of great advices here!!!

If I can add this Huggybear, the girls have been fed raw foods for months now and I am so pleased with it so far... And I know raw and fresh foods have proven very helpful in dogs with allergies. Since your dog has had the ear problem for a year, it might just take a while to clear up (???).

I give the girls about 1/3 soaked whole grains, 1/3 animal proteins (raw meat and organs, eggs, fish, ...) and 1/3 fruits and/or veggies, about 3 tablespoon oil (you can try salmon and flax seed for Omegas - reduces inflammation) and good mineral and vitamin supplement. Once used to prepare it, it is quite simple and dogs LOVE IT!!! Also, there is no additives or preservatives (I read that a 30 pounds dogs fed kibbles eats 9 pounds of these a year !)

Also, your dog's problems could be caused by a bad response to vaccines, that can occur weeks or months following the shots. Has he received any just prior the onset of symptoms?

Hoping you'll find something that works...
Marie and company
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