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Good morning,
Please look at Susan Thixton's Truth About Pet Food. There is a list of 2014 pet food recalls. There are VERY FEW dog, as well as cat foods, which are healthy.
Please do not take the advice of someone who works in a pet store to suggest
dog or cat foods. These employees are given scripts of which foods to recommend. Knowledge is power. The more research one does to investigate various foods, the healthier your pet will be. This applies to human health, as well. We are fortunate, we have access to this information with the internet. If one does not have a computer, there is always information at the library. Look up the various ingredients; as well as the preservatives. Some of these preservatives are not even allowed in foods in Europe; but, are considered acceptable in the U.S. This has to do with greed and profit. I am not saying all pet foods are bad; as, there are a few good companies who actually care about what the ingredients are given to one's dogs and cats. Please spend some time looking at different websites, like Homemade Dog Food. There are good suggestions for recipes one can prepare. You just have to make sure you are including all of the nutritional supplements to make it a healthy diet. Good luck.
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