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Thank you everyone. Well "trooper" is a VERY relaxed kitty. He litterly looked at PETEY, like..hey, what are you. Sniffed him..and went back to eating.
Then petey (after waiting till trooper was finished with his supper) , walked very slowly over to the bowl, put his hands up on it, looked over at trooper like "hey what are you, sniffed the air, stared for a min"..then helped himself to the kibble.
Trooper then jumped up on the porch railing and watched his "new" dinner date with a "geesh am i ever gonna have my supper to myself" look on his face...and that was it.
If it STAYS this way, I will just de-worm a little more often..and allow "petey" to dine with trooper.
If petey starts bringing all his mates, and any "scuffles" occur...then we'll relocated em.
But so far...its just SOMETHING else we are feeding. LOL

I remember back as a child , my grandmother had a baby racoon she raised from a kit, and eventually a possum joined the ranks. So "bitsy" the racoon and "polly" the possum are forever extched in my childhood memories.

PS: thank you growler for being my "PICTURE" angel
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