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Originally Posted by pitgrrl View Post
Oh, I can tell you why not.

Chicken is far more moist or squishy than, say, beef. It tends to sort of disintegrate into a disgusting paste that gets stuck in the grinder and won't forward properly, leaving you to try to push it along, clean it out and generally get raw chicken pate all over the place. Or at least that was my experience with a couple of different grinders which worked perfectly well on firmer/drier meats........
I didn't think about that. Yuck on the disgusting paste. It's so weird though. As electric grinders are so expensive. We're kind of in the middle of nowhere in B.C., so our choices are a bit limited. If anyone knows of an electric grinder that would do the trick specifically on chicken and bones for $100 or less, I'd appreciate the link.

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