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Free Dogo Argentino?!?

Hey guys... How are you all doing?

So here it is. Ive been offered a FREE Dogo Argentino!

This friend of a friend owns 2 Dogos and she just had a baby, she can no longer take care of two dogs and a baby, so shes getting rid of one of the puppy (male-8months). Up to date on shots, house trained.

Im in big decision right now as if i take him or not. I have until mid July to make my decision.

The problem with this is that the dog is located pretty far away so i wont get to see Bully and him together before making my decision.

I wasent planing on getting another puppy right away but i think im "ready".

What would you do??? lol I know that i need to be prepared to do crate and rotate if necessary.

Ill keep you guys posted, but i just want advice since ill have 2 male Dogos in my house, both no neutured.
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