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Originally Posted by scottyxx View Post
Thank you!! My vet was the one who actually gave me the Fibre food!! Its a wet food, I can check the brand when I get home, its an Orange label if that helps.
Check the ingredients and ask yourself, is this what a carnivore should eat? Are the meat (if any) listed as "by products", which could mean feathers and not real meat?

I believe for a cheaper, or at least the same price, you can buy a much better quality food for your kitties at Global (that's where I get all of mine and I feed 50% homemade raw).

Nature's Variety has a couple of novelty flavours that do not contain any beef or chicken you may want to give them a try on your kitty, just in case it's a protein allergy that is affecting him. AND as an added bonus, they don't have any grains or potatoes in it. I have confirmed with the manufacturer that their ingredients are human grade, so you can have peace of mind they are getting a good quality food.

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